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We want to make sure The David Prize and our process will be a good match for you and your ideas -- we don’t want to waste anyone’s time! Please read and re-read the information on our website to review the Prize parameters, our FAQ, and our previous finalists and winners before proceeding. Once you’re sure you’re a match, the Step 1 Submission should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. The Step 2 Submission takes no more than 90 minutes and is by invite only.


The 2020-2021 David Prize process will include four required steps, with an optional nomination step. Thorough explanations for each step will be provided on the website and within the application portal (e.g. the amount of time needed to complete each component, due dates, ability to preview questions, etc.). 

  • Step 0 - Nomination: Anyone can nominate someone else for The David Prize, and a nominator can submit one or several nominations for consideration. Nomination is not required for an individual to start the David Prize process (i.e. self-nomination is just fine!). Being nominated does not impact how a nominee will be evaluated or increase the probability of winning; outside nominations and self-nominations are weighted equally. Note that a nomination is not the same thing as a submission! The David Prize team will notify each person nominated so that they can begin the process of submitting ideas for consideration. 

  • Step 1 Submission: All interested individuals - nominated and self-nominated - must complete a Step 1 Submission. This is a short form to collect basic information about applicants and the ideas / work to be considered. The David Prize has specific parameters; only those considered a good fit for the Prize will move on to the next stage -- the Step 2 Submission. The David Prize team will review Step 1 Submissions on a rolling basis; therefore, individuals will move to Step 2 at different times throughout the Open Call. Applicants are encouraged to submit a Step 1 Submission sooner rather than later. The deadline to submit a Step 1 Submission is January 1, 2021 by 8 pm EST, and everyone who submits a Step 1 Submission will hear back from The David Prize no later than January 15, 2021. 

  • Step 2 Submission: Individuals selected to move on from Step 1 in The David Prize process will be invited to the Step 2 Submission via an email notification. The Step 2 Submission collects detailed information about applicants’ ideas and stories. All Step 2 Submissions are due by February 1, 2021 at 8 pm EST. No late submissions will be accepted. Candidates will be notified of their Step 2 status early March 2021. 

  • Step 3 - Review & Diligence / Shortlist: The David Prize team will review every Step 2 Submission carefully -- diving into a deep pool of great New Yorkers and ideas to develop a shortlist of top candidates. We’ll meet individuals on this shortlist in person, ask for references, and check with sector experts. From this extensive diligence we’ll develop a list of finalists.

  • Step 4 - Final interviews: Finalists will be invited to meet one more time with the family foundation supporting The David Prize.  


  • No late submissions will be accepted, technology failure or not. Please submit sooner rather than later to avoid any last minute glitches.
  • Due to volume, The David Prize does not provide feedback on individual submissions. Thanks for your understanding. 
  • If you have a question or concern, we're always available. Email our team at info@thedavidprize.org.
  • Submissions are accepted in English or Spanish. Fill out just one submission. All are reviewed equally.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.